September 25, 2016

Shining the Light on Sin and Salvation – John 3:16 – 21

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In the current church culture, there is much emphasis placed on the benefits of Christianity … the joy, the peace, the purpose, the freedom, the grace. But too often these benefits are highlighted without a balanced understanding of the repentance of sin necessary to become a child of God. Those who come to God in their sin and stay in their sin have never truly repented (turned away) from that sin. God offers salvation only to those who come to him in repentance and faith. In this faith-defining message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shines a light on the doctrinal truth about sin and salvation.

September 18, 2016

When the Storms Meet the Savior – Mark 4:35-41

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It’s often been said that in life, we are in one of three places: entering a storm, in the midst of a storm or coming out of a storm. But there is a Savior who has the ability to calm any storm and give peace to those who are struggling through them. In this inspiring message, Pastor Jeff Schreve reminds us how the Lord works with us and beside us in the midst of these storms in our lives to draw us closer to Him and make us fruitful.

September 11, 2016

What Happens After Death? – Luke 16:19-31

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Death is a sure thing for everyone. It is inevitable and discriminates against no one. So the big question is what happens when we die. In this eye-opening yet encouraging message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the truth of eternity in heaven with Jesus or eternally separated from Him in hell. Can we determine how we will spend eternity? Yes … and you’ll want to choose the path to heaven once you learn what happens after death.

September 4, 2016

A One Sided Jesus? – John 1:14-18

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In today’s society, Jesus is often regarded in one of two ways: the one who forgives all sins or the one who is an inflexible judge regarding life and eternity. Can He truly be categorized in this way? In this revealing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve helps us to understand that Jesus Christ, while loving beyond measure, is also honest without error. He is completely full of grace while simultaneously full of truth. Are you ready to experience Jesus as He really is? Discover the many sides of Jesus in this essential lesson about the Savior.